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Welcome to Telemark Lodge at Copper Mountain Resort, Colorado.  The Telemark Lodge Condominium Association wants to take this opportunity to Welcome You and provide you with Building and Resort information so your stay at Telemark Lodge is an enjoyable, memorable and you can quickly feel right at home.   Telemark Lodge is a privately owned building and is not a condo hotel affiliated with Copper Mountain Resort.

Read: Summary of Rules and Regulations for Homeowners and Guests

Information Concerning Your Stay

Resident Building Manager:  Luke Unruh.
WiFi:  The Association provides complimentary WiFi and is available throughout the Building.  A passcode is not required.
Ground Floor:  The Lobby, Elevator Ski Locker Room, Garages are located on the ground floor.  Three Blue Recycle Containers are located in the East Garage.
Skis/Snowboard Storage:  The Secure Ski Locker Room is located on the Lobby level adjacent to the West Garage.  A key for the unit ski locker should be in your rental unit.  If you are staying in Unit 101 your ski locker number is 101.  If a key is not available, or you lose a key, please advise the Building Manager.  A Ski/Snowboard rack is available in the Lobby and wall mounted racks are available in the West Garage and Lobby/Front stairwell.  Locks are available from the Building Manager for a $20.00 refundable deposit.  Skis and Snowboards are not allowed in units.  Guests who are identified bringing skis or snowboards into a unit will be subject to a $20.00 fine at the discretion of the Building Manager.
Bicycle Storage:  During Summer Season, the Association provides bike racks in the West Garage.  Bike owners are responsible for providing a bike lock.  Bicycles are not allowed in units.  Guests who are identified bringing a bicycle into a unit will be subject to a $20.00 fine at the discretion of the Building Manager.  The Bicycle Cage in the West Garage is for Homeowner use only.
Lock Boxes:  Owner Lock Boxes are located in the Lobby adjacent to the interior sliding door.  These are commonly used for check-in by VRBO or AirBnB guests.
Luggage Carts:  The Association provides three luggage carts for guest use.  Luggage carts are stored in the Luggage Cart Corral adjacent to the interior sliding door.  Luggage carts are required to be returned to the luggage cart corral and not left in hallways, garages, lobby or building exterior, removed from Association property or retained in a unit overnight.  Guests who do not return a luggage cart to the Cart Corral will be subject to a $20.00 fine at the discretion of the Building Manager.
2nd Floor:  The Association provides complimentary use of the Ice Machine.
3rd Floor:  Hot Tub Facility is closed until further notice due to COVID restrictions.  When the Hot Tub facility opens...Guest compliance with Hot Tub Facility rules is mandatory to insure the safety of guests.  Hot Tub Facility Rules are posted on the Facility Entrance Door, in the Hot Tub Room and are included in the Summary of Association Rules for Homeowners and Guests available at the link above.  A shower facility is provided to rinse off prior to entering the Hot Tub.  The Hot Tub Facility is under 24/7 video surveillance.  Guests who violate the Hot Tub Facility Rules will be identified and subject to a $20.00 fine at the discretion of the Building Manager.  A second violation will be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors and could result in removal from the Building. 
4th Floor:  Laundry Facility, Vending and Change Machines.  The Laundry Facility has two stacked washer/dryer units, an ironing board and folding table.
Pets:  Guests are not permitted to bring pets unless they are ADA certified service animals. The Association requires all service animals to be on a leash when  transiting to Association common areas.  This includes the lobby, elevator, garages, hallways and stairwells.  Pets are not permitted in the Hot Tub Room, ski locker room, public restrooms and laundry facility.  Pets must remain on a leash until they are fifteen (15) feet from a Telemark Lodge entrance.  Pet owners must clean up after their pets.  A pet waste station is located in front of the Building, at the rear lobby entrance and the East and West Wing stairwell landings.  All pet waste will be disposed of in a pet station waste container.  Guests who violate the Association Pet Policy will be subject to a $20.00 fine at the discretion of the Building Manager.
Smoking:  Telemark Lodge is declared a smoke and drug free building.  Smoking in the Telemark Lodge Lobby, restrooms, ski locker room, hot tub facility, laundry facility, hallways, garages, stairwells, front lobby and west stairwell exterior landings and within 15 feet of the front of the building is strictly prohibited.  Viloators will be subject to a fine.  The Association has two designated exterior smoking areas.  The Ground Level Lobby Rear Yard Entrance and the East Wing/North exterior stairwell landing closest to I70.  Both areas have containers for cigarette butts.  Consumption of marijuana or spice is strictly prohibited on Telemark Lodge Property.  Violators will be reported to Copper Mountain Security.  Guests who are found smoking on Association Property in violation of this rule will be subject to a $20.00 fine at the discretion of the Building Manager.
Video Surveillance:  Security Cameras are located throughout the Building and provide 24/7 surveillance.
Exterior:  The back yard has a deck with picnic table and gas grill.  Guests are required to clean the grill grates and dispose of trash after use. Guests who do not clean up the area after use will be subject to a $20.00 fine at the discretion of the Building Manager.
Issues in Unit:  Call the Management Company or Owner you rented the unit from for issues with housekeepng, additional towels or trouble with the TV, Coffee Maker, Toaster, Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave Oven or Dishwasher.
Emergency Issues in Unit:  Call the Building Manager for backed-up toilets, lack of heat, water leaks & electrical issues.  
Common Area Issues:  Call the Buiding Manager for problems in the Lobby, Hot Tub Facility, Laundry Facility & Gas Grill.
Trash:  Each floor has a trash chute located across from the Elevator.  Do not put trash on the floor in the Trash room.  There are trash receptacles in various places in and outside the building.  Please do not put recyclables in the trash chutes.
Recycle:  Three blue recycle receptacles are located in the East Garage adjeacent to the Lobby entrance.  Recyclables should be placed in a paper bag or directly into the Blue Container.  Do not use plastic bags for recyclables.  Please recycle glass, plastics, paper and cardboard.
Center Village:  Approximately a five minute walk to American Eagle and American Flyer Ski Lifts, Restaurants and Shopping. 
Resort Telephone Numbers:  Click on the CONTACTS tab located on the navigation bar above. 
Parking at Telemark Lodge:  To park on Telemark Lodge property, Guests must register in the Telemark Lodge Parking System by using the QR Code on the refrigerator in the unit the Guest is staying in while at Telemark Lodge.  Instructions for registration are located throughout Telemark Lodge and a paper copy is provided in the Lobby.  Vehicles not registered in Telemark Lodge's Parking System is subject to being booted or towed at the discretion of the Building Manager.  Parking Passes from Rental Management Companies are not valid and if used by the Guest without registering in the Telemark Lodge Parking System will risk being booted or towed.  Due to limited ceiling height and restricted size of parking spaces in the East and West Garages, vehicles over 6' 8", including roof racks, and extended cab, four door cab and tandem axle Pickup Trucks are not permited to park in the East or West Garage.  These vehicles will need to be parked in exterior parking spaces.  Violators will be subject to being booted or towed at the discretion of the Building Manager.  No exceptions.  Any damage caused to the Garage Doors, ceiling framing/tiles, electrical/signal cables, plumbing or overhead lights by vehicles violating the 6' 8" height limit will be the sole financial responsiblity of the vehicle owner or rental vehicle operator. 
Public Transportation at Copper
Copper Coach - Call the Copper Coach 15-20 minutes ahead of your desired pickup time for free pickup at Telemark Lodge and transportation throughout Copper Mountain Resort.  Copper Coach operates from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM during Winter Season and 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM during Summer Season.  Call 970-368-2002 for Dial-a-Ride pickup.

Public Bus Stops - The Center Village Bus Stop is located 200 yards to the left of the Telemark Lodge entrance:
  • You can walk to the Center Village Bus Stop and catch a Resort Shuttle Bus to the to the Union Creek and East Village Lift areas.
  • You can walk to the Center Village Bus Stop and catch the the free Summit Stage to Frisco, Silverthorne, Breckenridge, Dillon, Keystone and A-Basin.  Visit the Summit Stage website or download their free APP.

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