Telemark Lodge Homeowners Login

Welcome Telemark Homeowners!  This website is provided for your use and designed to provide useful information about your Association and Building.  The Board of Directors will use the Association website as the primary communication conduit to Homeowners.  Homeowners are strongly encouraged to login to the website reguarly and when requested by the Board of Directors.  Regular use of the website will enable you to monitor Association actions and issues as well as events and meetings regarding Copper Mountain Resort and the Copper Mountain Metro District.  If you own a residential unit at Telemark Lodge, you may obtain login credentials or login using existing credentials.  If you are a new Homeowner, your login credential request will be verified within 72 hours and you will be given access to the homeowner restricted website.

Unit Property Managers
If you manage a unit at Telemark Lodge, please register for an account.  Once verified with the Homeowner, you will receive an email with login credentials for the Association website.  You will have access to the unit managed and the Association Parking Management System.
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